High quality accurate fitting denture repairs for dental clinics and to the public

Elite Dental Lab can help restore and preserve your existing dentures that have unfortunately deteriorated, cracked, or fractured. Furthermore, we can also repair damaged or missing artificial teeth of dentures. Fractured dentures have a higher probability of cost effective restoration since an entire replacement may be avoided.

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As a full-comprehensive dental lab, our In-House Australian registered and qualified technicians are quick to respond to patient or dental clinic requests. With the latest in clinical lab software and innovative equipment for high quality processing we’re able to restore, reline and improve damaged dentures efficiently.

Additionally if required, Elite Dental Lab are capable in modifying existing dentures with the insertion of strengtheners.

The relining of dentures is recommended by most dentists to be performed once every 2-3 years to accommodate any natural changing and movement of tissue and gums. Consistent relining and maintenance improves the support and lifespan of both full and partial dentures.

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What do I do if I have broken my dentures?

It’s important to repair and reline damaged dentures immediately to protect their longevity. Please aim to collect broken pieces of your denture to bring into our laboratory.

Our experienced dental technicians are quick to respond to your urgent requests and requirements.

More importantly do not attempt to repair the denture yourself as there are intricacies involved with the components and build of your denture that are required to be addressed.

Attempting to repair dentures can potentially be dangerous and may lead to further irreversible damage to the denture.

I have chipped and broken my dental crown?

For crown repairs please visit and consult your nearest dentist. Elite Dental Lab can design and mold dental crowns and bridges to fit accurately along with matching the colour of your existing teeth.

For bookings or dental clinic recommendations please feel free to PHONE (07) 5596 5388. Or simply complete the form below and we will aim to reply to you as soon as our team can.

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