Our Gold Coast Dental Laboratory provide a full range of ceramic crown and bridge products. Our dental technicians and ceramists have extensive years of experience in design and manufacturing processes. Using quality sourced materials and digital dental technology methods helps us to ensure consistent end results with exceptional value for dentists.

As a result of our technicians having a thorough understanding and knowledge behind the process involved behind dentistry, this allows us to be confident in providing dentists with aesthetically pleasing, durable, and functional restorations between lab to dental clinic patients.

Each of our cases are meticulously crafted from impression or intra oral scanned software through to final restoration.

For further information and details about our process and our local Gold Coast dental laboratory please call (07) 5596 5388 or email info@elitedentallab.com.au. Working with Elite Dental Lab Gold Coast is easy! Simply send us your digital scan and we can look after the rest. We’ve worked with dental clinics throughout Australia and have worked with all levels of dentists from new to highly experienced. Our team is here to work with you to help leverage your time and create a stress, hassle free transition for your aesthetic work.

We use the latest in digital software and technologies for streamlined, swift, efficient delivery for our dental partners.

Why Choose Elite Dental Lab on the Gold Coast?

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    • Optional post delivery to your clinic (standard courier or post fees apply with provider). Our lab is conveniently located just off the M1 in Nerang, the geographic center of the Gold Coast. This enables us to post and move your work efficiently.
    • Experienced and Australian qualified dental ceramist and technicians
    • Entire production is performed in our Gold Coast dental lab ensuring reliable communication and efficient turnaround times
    • TGA approved
    • We accept traditional impressions and intraoral scanned files
  • Our team is meticulous with our attention to detail for accurate shaping and colour shading for your patients

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Zirconia Crowns are popular due to their natural look and durability. The extent of which can be matched to colour of existing teeth. They’re quite popular among dentist since they can be bonded or cemented providing more options. Zirconia crowns can also be layered with porcelain, which improves their aesthetics. appearance.

As the core foundation, further shaping, glazing, colouring, and natural staining can be performed to the crown to enhance the natural look and feel.

Renown for their exceptional strength and reliability, zirconia crowns can generally withstand everyday foods.

With today’s technology, zirconia crows can be developed using CAD/CAM procedures and 3D printing. These technological advances increases a higher rate of excellence for fittings. The custom design and fitting of the crown using machine prostheses, allows exceptional matching of the patients natural dentition.

On average when made my dental professionals, zirconia crowns can last anywhere from 10-15 years.


One of the world’s leading glass-ceramics, E-Max crowns are aesthetically pleasing. High in strength and durability, they’re popular due to their minimal obstruction. Similar to Zirconia, E-Max is also translucent in colour, allowing for a closer and accurate match of colour to existing natural teeth.

The ceramic base avoids any metal allergic reactions. This makes it a considerable option for both health and cosmetic reasons.

E-Max is made of lithium desilicated ceramic, which is tough and durable. The strength of the ceramic is lighter and thinner than traditional ceramic metal mix crowns. This means that less of the tooth or teeth are required to be removed or shaped to allow the crown to fit. The thin lining of E-Max is preferred for patients that have minimum room between teeth.

Elite Dental Lab’s, E-Max crowns are produced using state-of-the art technologies by qualified dental technicians.

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

A hybrid construction, the most common type of crown, PFM or the latest generation known as Porcelain on Metal (POM) are cast metal substructure that have a porcelain cover. Teeth coloured ceramic is layered on top of the metal framework  providing outstanding strength.  The porcelain to metal fusing is therefore heavier and thicker than full ceramic crowns. With their strength, they’re a tremendous option for front and back teeth.

Usually of a single build construction, which makes the out layer of the crown less likely to fracture or break.  For patients that suffer from grinding during sleep then PFM is preferable or for when long bridges are necessary.

PFM’s have a well documented history among all dentists and patients for their outstanding lasting service.

Made from high metal substructure, PFM is biocompatible and often used with gold metal alloys (price for gold may vary dependent upon current Caret pricing and weight), since they’re less reactive to allergies. Being thicker than all-ceramic crowns, PFM’s have larger potential to eventually wear nearby teeth or opposing teeth that they bite against.

The newest technological method of metal, is a method known as Porcelain on Metal (POM). POM utilize new methods of synthetic porcelain.

Gold and Silver Dental Crowns

A Gold or Silver dental crown is similar to that of a standard tooth cap. They are a restorative cap to cover a weakened tooth, a tooth that has had a root canal or implant. They can be singular or provided as a bridge. The higher quality of metal, the better the longevity and health of booth your teeth and gums.

For some individuals, Gold or Silver/Metal crowns are as aesthetically pleasing. For this reason, they are generally used for the rear teeth. Being a metal material, they are known to last longer than standard ceramic crowns. Therefore metallic crowns are less likely to chip, break,  erode or wear down as a result of their durability.

Unlike other dental crowns, less natural tooth structure is required to be removed for metallic crowns.

The costing of Gold Crowns for dental clinics may vary depending on the pricing of the desired Gold Carat at the time of order.